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Agricultural Engineering Master's Degree

Training and capacity-building strategy in human resources for semi-arid

Master Program's justifications

The Lower-middle São Francisco Valley is characterized by strong agriculture, particularly irrigated agriculture, however, inadequate irrigation practices have led to a growing environmental fragility of natural ecosystems and decreased productivity, making it necessary to diversify activities and develop and use technologies adequate conservation of natural resources.

It points also to the need for greater professionalism in the sector, establishing mechanisms for the production of quality fruit for the domestic and foreign markets, and the introduction of innovations and technological changes in production processes and organization of the production chain. As an ally, the region presents institutions with good research infrastructure, with a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals doctors and postdocs with academic quality.

Master Program Objectives

This postgraduate program aims to enhance the training of human resources in the field of Agricultural Engineering and related in Semiarid Tropics. Expected to train skilled professionals to undertake research and teaching through extensive scientific and cultural training, in order to contribute effectively to the development of regional and country.

Thus, it is intended to qualify human resources guided the principles of conservation and preservation of natural renewable resources and produce innovative technologies compatible with regional development and targeted to agribusiness. Graduates of this course will have the basic training to work in the private sector, in government agencies, in teaching and research.

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