Petrolina Centro

Campus Petrolina Centro

The Petrolina Center Campus houses the healthcare and business administration departmentes and is located in the center of Petrolina which is a part of the northeastern interior region of Brazil. The greater Petrolina and Juazeiro area is one of the fastest growing economies in Brazil. The main sources of income in the region are the cultivation and export of tropical fruits.


Campus Juazeiro

The Juazeiro Campus houses the engineering and social sciences departments. It was built on the infrastructure of a former factory. However, it was fully modernized and includes laboratories to meet the teaching and research needs.

Agricultural Sciences

Campus Petrolina Agricultural Sciences

The Agricultural Sciences campus houses the biological sciences and agronomy departments. There are two major projects at our university, CEMA Fauna and CRAD, their primary focus is the research and protection of fauna and flora.

Sierra of Capybara

Campus Serra da Capivara

The Campus of Sierra Capybara s located in a beautiful mountainous region, while having the largest concentration of prehistoricsites in the Americas it also includes the Museum of the American man. This CAmpus houses courses in archeology and the natural sciences.

Senhor do Bonfim

Campus Senhor do Bonfim

The Senhor do Bonfim Campus is located in a mountainous region rich in minerals an precious stones. It is situated at the end of the Chapada Diamantina, one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil. Currently campus houses the natural sciences department, however, due to the natural characteristics of the region, geography an geology courses are in the process of implementation.

Paulo Afonso

Campus Paulo Afonso

The Campus Paulo Afonso is the newest UNIVASF campus and is still under construction. This campus will house its first course, the medical department and should be in operation early as 2014. The city of Paulo Afonso is located in a semi-wetland surrounded by six hydroeletric plants.

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